Silk pink Half pan Bling Bling Handmade shimmer watercolor paints

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A. Padberg
I really wanted to love this color, Silk....

I really wanted to love this color, Silk. It's got a nice shade, but is really, really sheer. I really had to pile the color onto a tiny area to even get it's pretty peachy-pink color to appear. Nice shimmer though.

Joanna Gleason
This silk pink is absolutely gorgeous and...

This silk pink is absolutely gorgeous and so smooth. Super quick shipping, already placed another order. Iuile is so talented and creative in making her paints. And the options are endless.......

Shea Veum
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Made with cosmetic grade flake mica

These flake mica paints, flake paints work differently. Yes, it's not easy to work with. We recommend adding water and waiting for 5~8 min. and mixing well on the palette, not on the pan(paints).

These flake mica colors are subtle, not instance like other pigment paints, but they give you more shiny finish, so it is good for adding a shine on top of other non-shimmer watercolor paints.

Half pan

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half 2ml 1.6x1.9x1 cm
Quarter 1ml 1.5x1.8x0.5 cm
mini 0.5ml 1.5x1.1x0.5 cm

*Drop the water and wait 3~5 mins for the best colors.