Neon night set Handmade Shimmer Metallic Chameleon Colorshift Watercolor Paint Half By iuilewatercolors

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It's beautiful but quite a small amount

It's beautiful but quite a small amount

Allison Strom
Sparkly neons!

Really striking! Love how bright and shimmery these are, really excited to work more with them.

Emily Orn
This goes in tandem with the 'other well k...

This goes in tandem with the 'other well known palette of neons from that one company that does a lot of mica paints' soooooo well, these are vivid and have just the right about of sparkle. Really glad to add them to my rotation.

Amy Jacobson
Real neon, looks great on black paper

I have just discovered Iuile, what a treasure chest! These neons are bright and creamy, and the shifting colors are amazing. I ordered a couple of extras, sure to be a favorite in my palette.

Debra Pascoe
Spectacular colors

I love my paints! I like that I always get a few tiny freebies- I wish I had a tin for the extras tho.

Handmade watercolor Paints

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half 2ml 1.6x1.9x1 cm
Quarter 1ml 1.5x1.8x0.5 cm
mini 0.5ml 1.5x1.1x0.5 cm

*Drop the water and wait 3~5 mins for the best colors.