Christmas Quarter pan set handmade chrome glittery watercolor paint

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International shipping so can't really com...

International shipping so can't really comment on delivery as such.
Beautiful, amazing colours and shimmer. I just have to practice the techniques of how to best use them.

Gail Jones
Christmas quarter pan set

Just got my Christmas quarter pan set and another smaller set of metallic browns and bronzes and am super thrilled! These paints are gorgeous and I have tried out some of the sample dots and just loved them. I used them with Inktense underneath and by themselves and they are amazing! What a great product! They really are eye candy!

Linda Bedard Callas
Iridescent beauty

I’m having so much fun painting with these paints! Beautiful colors, opulent and inspiring.

Love these paints so much!

Love these paints so much!

I'm not sure I can find the words to descr...

I'm not sure I can find the words to describe how gaga I am for these watercolors. They are gorgeous, a breeze to use, and just so very, very pretty. I got them to paint the envelopes for my youngest's (who is Profoundly disabled, inc legally blind) valentine's cards. I knew his friends (who are also Developmentally Disabled, inc one who is also legally blind) and cousins would love the shimmery colors and the textured dots I added in Braille. I will be back + back for these stunning paints.

21 Quarter pans in tin case

Orange/Apple/Red/Peach/Fuchsia/New Pink/Lilac
Forest/New Leaf/Lime/Cobalt/Royal/Blue/Orchid

If you don't know about watercolor pan sizes, please check before ordering.

If you are not comfortable with shipping carriers Please add shipping insurance, Unfortunately, cannot issue refunds if you didn't add insurance for your orders. search "insurance" in my shop. Thank you.

half 2ml 1.6x1.9x1 cm
Quarter 1ml 1.5x1.8x0.5 cm
mini 0.5ml 1.5x1.1x0.5 cm

*Drop the water and wait 3~5 mins for the best colors.