Button B glitter set chunky glitter handmade watercolor paint

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A. Padberg
Is this little set glittery? YES! Is this...

Is this little set glittery? YES!
Is this little set well-made? YES!
Do I know how to use it? Sadly, no....
I tried out color 'B7' (the bright blue one) - it's very sparkly, and very well made....but I don't know how to manage the flow/texture of these button glitter watercolors. More trial & error on my part, TBD.

Cheryl Kuhlman
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Melynda Lang
Super glitterific!! 💙💙 Colors are more tra...

Super glitterific!! 💙💙
Colors are more transparent so you'll need a base coat color under, but the glitter is amazing 😍 seller threw in some sample pans of paint!! Nice touch, Jeanie!! Thank you 😊

Handmade watercolor paint made with cosmetics-grade glitters.
8 Buttons in a tin case, This glitter doesn't have base colors, we recommend using spray glue if needed.

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Half 2ml 1.6x1.9x1 cm
Quarter 1ml 1.5x1.8x0.5 cm
Mini 0.5ml 1.5x1.1x0.5 cm
Button 0.7ml diameter 1.5cm by Height 0.5cm

*Drop the water and wait 3~5 mins for the best colors.