Super Vision Transparent Plant watercolor paints 15ml tube

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original animal and plant color, selection of high transparency, strong dyeing power of the animal and plant raw materials, closer to nature. Carmine and other colors, as precious pigments, were popular in Europe two or three hundred years ago, with a long history, and many artists' works have been preserved up to now. Animal and plant colors are made of durable materials, which can be preserved in a normal environment for a long time. But it's not mural paint. It can't be exposed to the sun for a long time.


15ml tube

1710 Tan
1709 Dawn
1716 Black-green
1714 bluish
1707 Flower yellow
1711 Gardenia Green
1715 Pine and cypress
1708 Gardenia Yellow
1706 Bamboo bark
1713 Indigo
1712 Dark reddish purple
1703 Vietnam Garcinia
1704 Gardenia blue
1705 Cochineal
1609 Cochineal red

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