Super Vision Mineral watercolor paints 8ml tube

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it is made of pure mineral raw materials and purified by ancient methods. Generally, the raw ore contains other kinds of metal substances, so purification is more difficult. Generally, the color separation is based on the purification level. The purer the color, the more difficult it is and the less quantity it is extracted. We all use the highest level color. Make mineral water color pure and bright. Characteristics of mineral watercolor: it has the unique texture precipitation effect of minerals, has a certain covering power, and the gem grade mineral color has more crystal flash effect. As the ore is relatively hard, it needs to be watered in advance to make it easy to dip.

8ml tube

1730 赤铁矿 M1 Hematite
1726 黑碧玺 M2 Schorl
1727 雌黄 M2 Female yellow
1728 虎睛石 M2 Tiger's eye
1729 红碧玉 M2 Red Jade
1731 雄黄 M3 orpiment
1725 龙石棕 M3 Dinosaur fossil Brown
1701 孔雀石 M4 Malachite
1734 杂青金石 M5 Impure Lapis

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