Super Vision layered watercolor paints 15ml tube

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each pigment has three layered color effects, which need to be reflected in the wet painting method, leaving space for water to flow naturally, and the layered effect is obvious. Layered color materials are mainly mineral raw materials, animal and plant raw materials, and durable water-based raw materials.

15ml tube

1718 凤求凰 S3 Red yellow PR3, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1721 浣溪沙 S3 Blue Gradient PB28, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1723 醉春风 S3 Yellow green PB17, PLANT EXTRACTS, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1717 羽仙歌 S5 red blue PB36, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1719 广寒秋 S5 Purple orchid PV14, PLANT, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1720 拾翠羽 S5 Golden green ..., LF(OUT OF LIST)
1724 柳含烟 S5 Green purple PV23, MINERAL, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1732 采桑子 S4 Red green PG50, PR122, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1733 潇湘曲 S4 Brown green MINERAL, PLANT, LF(OUT OF LIST)
1737 如梦令 S5 Rose Ash violet PV19, PB36, LF *****

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