Onyx Watercolor paint Full/Haf/Quarter/mini pan

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made with cosmetic grade holographic glitter Pigments

Color : onyx black hologram paint

Glitter holo - it's glitter, big particle size.
Unicorn blood - smaller particle size than glitter and look more silver but yes it has hologram.
Rainbow holo - almost same size particle size with unicorn blood but more hologram you can see.
The Holo - smallist particle of hologram pigments.
Next Level holo - mixed size hologram glitter paints

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half 2ml 1.6x1.9x1 cm
Quarter 1ml 1.5x1.8x0.5 cm
mini 0.5ml 1.5x1.1x0.5 cm

*Drop the water and wait 3~5 mins for the best color